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Art always felt natural for me. Through thinking with my hands, I can create tangible representations of my thoughts and emotions which, at times I feel disconnected from. Making is my way to process and learn about the world and the crazy within. I play a lot with using everyday items in unconventional ways, and augmenting their appearance through mashing, regurgitating and creating a unique and intricate frenetic build up. 


  I am drawn to creating organic forms, adding human made materials like plastic, steel, foam and cement. I refer to most of my works as nests, because of my obsessive process,I use my body for scale, and when i'm working on a piece for a while, it feels like I live in it.

 By exploring the connections between comfort and discomfort, found and created objects, natural and unnatural, one is able to find grounding through interaction, balance and love in spite of perceived chaos.

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